TechSmith Camtasia 64-bit [VIP]

Программа для записи видео с экрана, массой расширенных функций, и мощным редактором. Одна из лучших в своем классе. Также ее можно использовать для обучающего (E-learning) видео или даже курсов.

29 May, 2019: Camtasia (Windows) 2019.0.2
Fixed issue where m4a playback would not start until the entire file was downloaded
Fixed issue where changes to Voice Narration text could be lost if they were the last thing changed before closing the application
Fixed issue that could cause some characters to render incorrectly in text annotations
Fixed issue that caused 16-bit .camrec files to render incorrectly
Fixed problem rendering changes to Opacity when media are in a Group
Fixed hang when closing the application after playing audio files with corrupt metadata
Fixed issue where LUFS calculation could never be completed on audio files with corrupt metadata
Fixed startup crash that occurred when the Windows username contained double-byte characters when the system locale was Japanese
P.S. Ссылка на релиз высылается индивидуально по почте, только членам VIP-группы.


Автор: Gosuto

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