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Infix PDF Editor Pro 7.4.1 Portable

Профессиональная программа, предназначенная для редактирования PDF документов.

Создано в Turbo Studio (19.1.1178)
Размер: 67.5 МБ
Язык: Русский\Английский
ОС: XP-10 x86\x64
Infix работает как обычный текстовый редактор, им удобно пользоваться. Все просто и быстро: замена текста, шрифтов, изображений и прочего.
Никаких хитростей в интерфейсе, никаких лент!
Infix Version 7.4.1 – Released 10 June 2019
Added support for 256-bit encryption
z3441 – Styled checkboxes and radio buttons were sometimes rendered (and printed) incorrectly.
z3410 – Drop into form mode for a forms PDF.
z3465 – pasting text into invisible OCR text box causes a crash.
z3342 – Long tooltips could overflow the edge of the screen making them difficult to read.
z3399 – checkmarks in checkboxes were not always centred within their boxes in interactive forms
z3405 – Improved compatibility of interactive forms created in Infix with Adobe reader
z3461 – OCR Cancel button not working on Macintosh
z3421 – Tooltips of form objects were not being shown
z3482 – Pasting RTF from clipboard can cause a crash
z3484 – ‘Join files’ crashes.
z3485 – viewing overset text problems could cause a crash.
z3438 – Fixed font display issue which could result in gibberish text being displayed
Image missing on Activate dialog
z3439 – Improved behaviour of auto-scrolling
z3379 – “Zoom in on results” increases zoom level too much
z3424 – Improve rendering of B/W bitmaps.


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