Infix PDF Editor Pro 7.4.2 Portable

Профессиональная программа, предназначенная для редактирования PDF документов.

Создано в Turbo Studio (19.3.1190.2)
Размер: 67.3 МБ
Язык: Русский\Английский
ОС: XP-10 x86\x64
Infix работает как обычный текстовый редактор, им удобно пользоваться. Все просто и быстро: замена текста, шрифтов, изображений и прочего.
Никаких хитростей в интерфейсе, никаких лент!
Infix Version 7.4.2 — Released 12 August 2019
z3572 — Distorted text in text form field (overlapping characters).
z3559 — Context menu of form field disappears after a short period of time.
z3570 — Text get’s clipped after TLines are made.
z3569 — Form editing gets interrupted as soon as tooltip is shown.
z3565 — Better support for styled checkboxes and radio buttons
z3553 — Form field settings get discarded after revisiting the «Properties» dialog.
z3479 — text changes colour after translation import
z3554 — Checkboxes created by Infix don’t check/uncheck correctly in Adobe Reader.
z3468 — Eliminated bogus ‘loading bookmarks…’ error when opening certain PDFs
z3551 — Auto-fit facility was not working correctly in Translate->Local->Import
z3536 — interactive form Buttons with icons were not be dealt with correctly
z3545 — underlines being inferred incorrectly
z3475 — PDF text rendered incorrectly
z3541 — backslash disappears when searching and replacing.
z3427 — better display of text from TextMaker & PlanMaker from SoftMaker
z3532 — Improved display of text added via Bates numbering (font errors)
z3417 — Better handling of excessively clipped text — better display and faster editing
z3527 — Cannot copy/paste form fields during forms editing
z3421 — Tooltips of form objects don’t get shown
z3521 — Text spacing could be wrong when using multi-byte fonts
z3518 — signature image could be wrong size small when inside a form element
z3470 — Possible crash when editing a document with TextPlus.
z3466 — Possible crash when opening PDFs containing very long names
z3520 — Better handling of filename with trailing spaces (Windows)
z3488 — Text displayed in wrong position if using the ‘cm’ operator for positioning
z3517 — Better handling of PDF with bogus pages
z3506 — Coloured pattern doesn’t get shown.
3507 — Cancel button missing from dialog on Mac during auto-translation
z3504 — Possible crash when checking for an active license on start-up
Missing translation could cause problems using TransPDF from within non-English versions
z3216 — Possible crash when doing form editing using German user-interface
z3493 — zoom tool not working



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